what we do ...


Hi! We’re the BCS REFS.

REFS is a confidential, student-run, peer-to-peer Resource for Easing Friction and Stress for grad students at BCS. We are here to listen, help you solve problems, and get you in touch with other resources at MIT that may help you address any issue you face during your time here. No matter what issue you are experiencing (work-related stress, relationship-related stress, loneliness, imposter syndrome, and anything else), we’re here for you. 


Contact us at bcs-refs@mit.edu or reach out to any one of us individually if you would like to talk. We look forward to hearing from you!




Hi! I’m Sadie, a 4th year in John Gabrieli’s lab. I’m interested in individual differences throughout development & how those differences affect trajectories of cognition and risk for psychopathologies. I primarily use fMRI, but am also interested in other in vivo markers of neural activity. When I’m not doing research, I love drinking coffee, cooking, playing golf, skiing, camping, and reading. Feel free to reach out to me with questions about anything via email at sadiez@mit.edu.



Hi, I’m Amanda (she/her)! I’m a 4th year grad student in Guoping Feng’s lab where I study the circuits underlying cognitive impairment in different neuropsychiatric diseases. I work with data sets across mice, non-human primates, and humans. Outside of the lab I love to travel, cook, try new restaurants (I’m a big foodie), play sports, and listen to music. Feel free to reach out at afath@mit.edu



Hi, I'm Bryan! I'm a 3rd year in Josh McDermott and Ila Fiete's labs. I study auditory memory in humans across multiple cultures. Outside of lab, I enjoy spending money on records and playing the saxophone. Feel free to reach out to me at bjmedina@mit.edu.



Hi everyone I’m Gaby (she/her)! I’m a third year in Mark Harnett’s lab studying dendritic spine dynamics and their functional correlates. Outside of lab, I enjoy acrobatic sports and taking outdoor walks. You can reach out to me at grasch@mit.edu



Hi! I’m a second year in Ila Fiete’s lab. I build and apply computational and mathematical tools to reveal the underlying structures in artificial and biological neural networks. I’m interested in understanding how neural systems solve cognitive problems such as reasoning and planning. Outside of the lab I enjoy playing and listening to music, biking, weightlifting, reading, and cooking.